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The tools you get with SitePack

New tools, modules and features are added on a regular basis.

Extend the basic functionality with Modules

Enable more features on your website with simple modules. You can use modules to collect mail addresses for a newsletter, contact forms and many more useful applications.

SitePack website builder modules
SitePack website builder statistics and insights

Useful insights with statistics

Get all the information you need about how your website is performing from a single screen in the SitePack admin. You can see useful information about real visitors and robots in the blink of an eye.

SEO tools to optimize content

The platform has already been optimized for search engines in the technical field. You also receive feedback and useful tips to improve your content.

SitePack website builder SEO tools
SitePack website builder design tools

Tweak your design

Customize your website so it fits perfectly in your existing brand. Upload your logo and specific category photo's to optimize your site. The colours can be changed with easy to use colour pickers.

Security and privacy

We take security and privacy very seriously and we do our best to keep your customer data protected from hackers. All websites have a valid SSL certificate by default.

SitePack website builder security measures
SitePack website builder comments

Comments from visitors

Interact with your website visitors by using comments on a blog post. We block popular spambots to prevent and remove fake comments on your website.

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