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Instant feedback

While you are typing or editing a new piece of content, SitePack will give you instant feedback. The feedback can be used to improve your SEO for that specific page or blog post.

Our SEO analysis tool is updated regularly, to match the current SEO standards.

SitePack SEO improvements
SitePack SEO redirects

Manage redirects

Sometimes a page has been removed or changed, so the old slug is not avaiably any more. In order to imrove your SEO, you should create a redirect. With our redirects module you are able to create, 301, 302 and 307 redirects.

Learn more about the redirection module »

Structured data and pages

We have implmented the rich snippets on every available element. Some examples are: opening times, contact details and social media links.

Even more important is the HTML strcture, this is the code that SitePack outputs to every website visitor. We work hard to optimize this fairly simple SEO improvement.

SitePack SEO rich snippets and html structure
SitePack SEO redirects

Sitemap and Robots.txt

All sites have a sitemap.xml and robots.txt by default. The XML sitemap will be used by big search engines like Google, to discover all your content.

The Robots.txt is used to detect if a search engine is allowed to index a specific page or document.

SSL encryption

A simple, but very effective SEO improvement is security. All sites have a valid SSL certificate by default.

When you connect a fulldomain (e.g., we will create a new SSL certificate for free.

SitePack SSL certificate by default

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