Statistics & Insights

Get useful insights about visitors & bots

SitePack website builder statistics popular pages

Find your popular pages

Improve your content on the most popular pages and try to keep visitors for a longer period of time on your site.

SitePack website builder statistics bot traffic

View bot requests

Get useful insights in what bots do on your website. All bot requests will be logged including spiders so you can optimize internal linking of certain bots are not able to find deep content.

SitePack website builder statistics per day counter for unique visitors

Unique visitors per day

You can check the unique visitors per day in one chart for the last 30 days.

SitePack website builder statistics enable google analytics module

Google Analytics integration

Get more insights in how your visitors behave on a website by enabling the free Google Analytics module. This module will add the Google Analytics tracking code on your site.

SitePack is collecting anonymous data from all visitors to build basic statistics. These numbers will be used to verify you are still on the right subscription plan.

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